Getting A Divorce In Newfoundland

Although the divorce process in Canada is not overly complex or difficult, it can still be confusing and even a bit intimidating. Learning about the process and understanding the basic steps can be helpful for the individual who is getting a divorce in Newfoundland.

Filing the Paperwork

In the case of a “change of heart” divorce, there is a requirement to be separated for a year prior to a divorce being finalized. However, paperwork can be started at any time. Both individuals can file the paperwork together, or one person can file. If one person files, their spouse must be served with paperwork (by a third party) within six months. He or she can then either agree, or decide to dispute it.

a divorce

Contested or Uncontested

As would be expected, an uncontested divorce is a simpler process, as compared to a divorce that is being contested by a spouse. If the person who was served with the papers does not have any disputes, then an uncontested divorce can take place. Thirty-one days after a judge approves the divorce, the divorce will be final.

If contested, proceedings and negotiations will need to take place. If an agreement cannot be decided upon, then a judge will need to rule on the case. Negotiations and disputes often involve financial assets or children.

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